A Merry Little Christmas! :)

This year I got asked a lot.. “Why do you celebrate Christmas? Are you Christian?” .. and I got sick and tired of telling people that I grew up in a multi-cultural city. The first time I visited my parents native country was when I was five! The first holiday festival I remember associating myself to was Christmas. Yes, it happens. I come from a city with a melting pot for a culture. We embrace everything, we do everything. We are one. We are all happy. 


Christmas was always a big deal. We have a proper Thanksgiving dinner (which was inculcated at a later stage by me), and we have the christmas decor out, a tree and lights and accessories and presents and a proper Christmas eve dinner, greeting cards and Christmas day hoo-haa! Yes, you don’t need to be Catholic to celebrate Christmas. It’s totally sane to celebrate festivals traditional to certain religions, by others! That is why we decorate our hands during Eid, or do Garba doing Diwali or have chocolate eggs and bbq’s during Easter! Its’ all allowed so stop trying to jail me for it!

more butter on my hands of the turkey?

more butter on my hands of the turkey?

While growing up the most distinctly adored festival was Christmas. We put up the tree as a family, sang carols and did other festive things and oh no, don’t you give me those eyes, it doesn’t make us hypocrites, its just sharing and caring and dwelling in a community of mix cultures. I don’t think you can take Christmas out of me anymore. So there. Deal with it!

The turkey!

The turkey!

This year for Christmas, as every year, I prepared the Christmas eve drinks and Christmas Day dinner. We all gathered around the table for good ol’ turkey and pudding and drinks! I went with Gordon Ramsay’s classic roast turkey and it did turn out splendid, if I say so myself. We also had some fabulous red wine from Chateau de Bordeaux imported from France! and alongside that I made some rosemary and thyme roasted vegetables, a pretty great gravy for the turkey ( also inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s recipe), plum pudding made from home mulled wine, salad and N made a biscuit pudding for dessert. We thought we’d keep the sweets light this year. When the holidays are around, there is so much eating and drinking and merriment, most of these parties or gatherings end up on the floor, lying around.. groaning! I think its tradition. If Christmas or New Years’ don’t end up with too much food and drink and memories to laugh until the next holiday season comes in.. then you’re doing it wrong!


We exchanged presents after dinner and just.. well rolled on the floor for a while. N and me wandered off later in the night to watch a comedy.. “Dhoom 3” Honestly, its supposed to be a thriller about a heist but well you know how Bollywood just does random things. I don’t want this post to be about the movie but to sum it up a) bikes can scuba dive, fly and do rope lines. b) The lead actress only appears in one song. c) USA with its NYPD, FBI, CID, CIA, NICS and other fancy police departments and federal bureau departments still get two lame ass police officers from India to catch a robber. c) three wheeled tuk tuks can actually break brick walls! The kinds that I’ve ever seen can be pushed over with your bare hands! Whoa! d) the robber robs in  broad daylight in a crowded street in Chicago and runs down a building and pulls some spiderman stunts- face unveiled and later the police trusts this same guy to help them find the “robber”. WOW whatever happened to street cameras and security?! And when did police involve random circus people to help them catch invisible thieves?! *rolls eyes*

Anyway, blasphemous !! Let’s just slowly walk away from this topic. 


We also had a really fab and crazy work party for Christmas that went down in all sorts of.. fun??! It was a pretty epic night where we made new friends, discovered friends in old people and just completely and unforgivingly had a great night. It was organised at Spectrum on One at the Fairmont which was an open buffet and bar. A stylish little place with their own DJ and shot-maker that ended up in having lots of colourful shots that we didn’t know the names of, but it was Russian (if that’s of any information) and some of us landed up at Cavalli club later that night (A Roberto Cavalli club).

Cavalli lounge in all its glory

Cavalli lounge in all its glory

And I made some insane peanut butter fudge for my mates at work as a pre-Christmas treat. 🙂 [ recipe courtesy the Sorted boys from Sortedfood.com ] Peanut butter in anything is gorgeous. Seriously. Gorgeous!

Before it was cooled and cut into fudge pieces

Before it was cooled and cut into fudge pieces

Christmas every year is a wonderful affair. Hope yours was as merry and wonderful this year as well as mine. I am also now in possession of a couple of very fancy gifts. 

Merry Christmas y’all!




  1. Seems like you had a great time at the office party. Thanksgiving looked like a ton of fun too…and that fudge (yum). I am so glad to have come across you – thanks for being there N. Hugs! Hope 2014 is better for all of us.

    • tashsn · January 10, 2014

      Thank you Dixya, yes it was a good time. Im glad I came across you too! I think Im waiting an email too!
      I hope 2014 really does open positive horizons for us! 🙂

  2. meromusings · January 5, 2014

    The turkey roast looks divine, pls put up the recipe, i must try it here as well…but may be with chicken as we do not get turkey in Nepal.

    • tashsn · January 10, 2014

      Most definitely! Turkey recipe post coming up! 🙂

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